So you wish to join the ranks of End Effect? Here we differ from the norms of guilds today. End Effect has a long established history in the World of Warcraft scene. Our core principles for recruitments are based on characteristics of you as a person, not how many awesome purple icons you have in your inventory slots. Our goal is to maintain our stress-free and honored member list we've maintained since the days of vanilla.

What core principles are we in search of?:

  • Attitude: The ability to compose yourself is important in all aspects of life. This does not change here in the realm of video games where you main driving factor is people.
  • Comprehension: We will always strive to teach and mold our members to be the best they can.
  • Willingness to Succeed: Our members are required to do what is necessary to attain the goal set forward. It is always encouraged to be proactive rather then reactive in advancement.
  • Present: We are a relaxed atmosphere and no requirement to be on 22 hours a day, but if you join a guild and pop on once a month, you're really not going to be of any use.

If you feel you can reach this required things, head on over and apply here.