Requirements and Expectations

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Requirements and Expectations

What we require:
-Social acolyte
 o Be mindful of your manners, but we’re not a PG13 guild.
 o We do not tolerate drama, if you feel the need to cause or start any please look elsewhere.
 o No trolling, this isn’t trade chat.
-Dragon killer
 o All of the above, including
 o Raid strategies knowledge before the raid starts.
 o Come prepared with flasks/food in the event we do not have cauldrons/feasts.
 o Ample time to raid, as posted on our raid times. Tuesday-Thursday 9PM-12midnight (EST) (subject to change).
 o If you will be absent, tardy, or leave early, let someone know so we can plan accordingly.
This list will be updated or edited as we progress and grow.